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4 Tips for a Beautiful and Budget-Friendly Wedding

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Photo by Emma Bauso on Pexels.com

Weddings are great. They can be the most exciting day of your life. But, they can also be pretty expensive. So, I’ve provided 4

tips for a beautiful and budget-friendly wedding! 

1. Guests 

Guest-lists are a great place to start for a beautiful and budget-friendly wedding. Because each person means one meal, one seat, one favor, etc. So a few tips for narrowing your guest-list: 

-Are you both close (I.e. do you depend on each other, known each other for a while, your family and other friends know them, etc.) or are you just trying to be nice? 

-Did you go to their wedding? 

-Do you think they be in your life 5 years from now? 10 years from now? 

Don’t be afraid to remove people from your list. I had a huge list when I started wedding planning but I realized that is not realistic for me. Because like I said above, every person has to get a meal, and a chair; and those things cost money. So, you’re gonna have to pay for it. Be realistic with your list: your wallet (and spouse) will thank you. 

2. Venue 

The venue is so important for the aesthetic, comfort, and photos of your wedding! But many venues will jack up their prices if you book the place for a wedding. So here are a few tips to keep in mind. 

-State park: I had my wedding at a state park and it cost around $280. Check state parks near you, many of them have beautiful natural views, or even areas for reception. 

-Airbnb: You MUST tell the host you plan on hosting a wedding. This is a great option because you can choose a house with enough rooms to host your wedding party, the reception and the ceremony (heck, even the honeymoon if you want!). Since you’ll be staying in a rental property, you could pay a fraction of the price of a hotel wedding. 

Church: If you are a member of a local church, they could allow you to host a wedding there. Again, some churches will only allow members to get married there so do some research before throwing your money at that neighborhood church with the beautiful stained glass windows. If the church is big enough and has a kitchen, you can have the reception there too! 

-Beach: If you live in a state with beaches, there are many businesses that have all-in-one wedding packages that include chairs, an officiant, appetizers, and a take-home gift! They often range from accommodating 2 people up to 30 people (the ones in Florida at least). Now all you have to do is find a nice restaurant nearby to have the reception which leads to my next tip to have a beautiful and budget-friendly wedding. 

3. Cake

For all you sweet-tooths out there I have some great options for you to get a great and affordable cake! 

-Can you or a friend bake? I love DIYing and even considered baking my own wedding cake. Youtube University is a great resource to use! Or even a friend or family member who can make a cake for you. 

-Costco or a Grocery store: You can buy a simple sheetcake, or a layered cake from a big-box store like Costco or Bjs for a good price. You can even get a small sheetcake or personal cake for you and your spouse to enjoy and take pictures with then supplement that with a dessert table! 

-Have a Dessert Table Instead: Or just have a dessert table instead. 

4. Decorations and Fun

For everything else that will make your wedding amazing see the list below. 

-Buy Fake Flowers: They make really nice fake flowers these days. You can get really nice and affordable ones from Amazon or Hobby Lobby! 

-Fun things: Volleyball, block Jenga that guests can sign, bubbles and sparklers try Walmart or Amazon! 


While the wedding day can be an amazing, fun, memorable day it’s important to remember that its only one day out of many days you’ll enjoy with your spouse. So don’t get too caught up in planning the wedding that you aren’t set up for the period after the wedding. Ask yourself: Will buying this put my spouse and I in debt?  

Please don’t think I’m telling you to not have a beautiful, spectacular wedding! Work with your spouse and whoever else is involved in planning the wedding budget. Also, check out my post for best advice for newlyweds here!